Soho Farmhouse: A special stay in Oxfordshire.


Last month, I spent my 30th birthday at the Soho Farmhouse, a members’ club in 100 acres of Oxfordshire countryside. Even though I’m not a Soho House member, my husband got a person to book for us. Non-members can only stay in the farmhouse on weekdays, but luckily my birthday was on a Wednesday. 

If you’re wondering what makes the Soho Farmhouse so special, here’s the reason: it combines the wilderness vibes of the countryside with the comfort & luxury of a 5-star hotel. Apart from the 40 cabins where guests stay, there are several restaurants and facilities, such as the electric barn cinema and the Cowshed spa

Besides, if you want (and can afford) a bigger space, you can rent a four-bedroom cottage that accommodates up to eight people, or even a seven-bedroom farmhouse, set in its own garden.

It’s also worth mentioning the service, which makes the stay even more special. When you first arrive at the farmhouse, a milk float picks you up at the reception and takes you to your room. As my husband and I arrived before the check-in time, the driver took us to the Main Barn, where we had a drink and waited for our room to be ready. I really appreciate the fact that we didn’t have to worry about our luggage – they took them from the boot directly to the room.

As I’ve always wanted to visit the Soho Farmhouse, I couldn’t help but to take pictures in front of our cosy wooden cabin. The cute light green Foffa bikes outside made the scenery even more charming. 

The cabin interior was such a nice surprise; besides being spacious and having a massive bed, it had a fully equipped kitchen with free fresh milk, sourdough bread, butter & homemade granola. You can also pay for other snacks or drinks if you want to.

The Cowshed products are also a highlight. Obviously, you can only take them home if you pay, but the Soho Farmhouse provides some free toiletries like this Cowshed lip balm that I absolutely love. You don’t really have to worry about packing amenities – each room is equipped with a hairdryer, a hair straightener, bathrobes, etc. 

Whilst staying in the farmhouse, you don’t need to worry about anything and you can just relax. However, there are some activities you can do, such as gym classes, cycling, swimming, boating, horse riding and playing tennis or golf. There are also additional activities that change every day. You can check the timetable at the reception and plan what you want to do during your stay. 

The Soho Farmhouse offers different restaurants to choose from. We tried the Hay Barn for dinner and it was delicious.

On the next day, we had the buffet breakfast in the Main Barn and it was definitely my favourite meal during our stay. For only £14 you can eat as much as you like – smoked salmon, bagels, cakes, fruits, chia pudding, yoghurt, etc. It’s a great value for money! Wish I took pictures of it!

Before leaving the farmhouse, we had lunch at Pen Yen, the Asian restaurant located in the boathouse, right next to the pool. I ordered this delicious grilled salmon bowl with rice & vegetables and my husband got the pork ribs. 

Our stay was memorable! Too bad guests are not allowed to take pictures in common areas. I wish I could show you the place in more detail, but I hope you can see how special the Soho Farmhouse is. Can’t thank my husband enough for such an amazing birthday present.

Can’t wait to try the Babington House next…


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