Tomorrowland: How does it work?


Since I’m 11 years old I’m passionate about music, mainly rock and electronic. In 2016 I had the opportunity to go to Tomorrowland Brasil, in a city close to São Paulo. It was amazing, but my real dream was to go to the original one, in Belgium. That seemed to far from reality, until this year.

As I knew I was gonna be in Europe in July, I started planning my trip a lot in advance. I checked all the information about TML on their official website, to make sure I wouldn’t miss the tickets sale. Since a lot of people are interested in going to the festival one day, I decided to write this post in order to help!

The first thing you need to do is check the official website and find out when the pre-registration starts. You can only purchase the tickets if you do it! After that, you will get more information on your email. You can register a few weeks before the actual sale starts, but be aware of the deadline! Both things happen in January, even though the festival is only in July.

It’s indeed really hard to buy tickets, especially because people who live in Belgium have priority over the rest of the world. On the day the sale starts, the traffic is pretty intense on the website. You need to wait on the “queue” without refreshing the page. When it was finally my turn to get tickets, the only option still available was the Global Journey, which offers different packages. It’s quite expensive, but it offers an all-in experience. I chose the Hotel Package, which costed 1,800 euros for 2 people.

I must confess that when I bought the tickets I didn’t know if the Global Journey was gonna be a good idea, but after I had such an amazing experience at the festival I wouldn’t change it for anything! The hotel included in the package is simply amazing, one of the best I’ve ever stayed in. Every morning, you get the Tomorrowland newspaper, as well as souvenirs like backpacks, chocolates and other personalised items.

The hotel is called Thon Brussels City Centre and it offers this huge free buffet breakfast with delicious food and, of course, authentic Belgian waffles.


The Tomorrowland bus picked people up every day at noon, driving them to Boom, a small town in Belgium. The hotel is in Brussels but the festival isn’t, so pay attention to that! I took the bus on the first day, but I didn’t really like it. As I arrived there too early, I was completely exhausted by the end of the day. The best DJs play after 4pm, so the best thing for me was sharing an Uber and arriving at the festival later in the afternoon.

To get the bus back to the hotel, you must walk approximately 40 minutes from the festival venue to the bus station. It’s actually not that bad. Along the way, there are toilets, people giving free water, playing music and entertaining you. It’s incredible how Tomorrowland thinks about every single detail to make our experience memorable! <3

You can also choose to stay at the campsite, the DreamVille. It’s basically a city, with a supermarket, barbecue areas, a fresh bakery, a jewellery shop and even a hair and make-up salon. You obviously don’t get the same comfort you would get in a hotel, but the experience must be amazing. Besides, you would stay only 15 minutes away from the festival. Maybe I’ll try that next time!

Soon I’m gonna be writing a post about the festival. Stay tuned!


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