Albert Cuypmarkt: SisLifestyleTrips + Gringa Brasileira in Amsterdam.


De Pijp is, without a doubt, our favourite neighbourhood in Amsterdam. Tourists normally go there to visit the Heineken Experience, but don’t seem to spend a lot of time in this lovely bohemian and artistic district. De Pijp, known as the Latin Quarter, used to be a working-class area, but it’s now packed with vintage shops, bars, cool restaurants and cafés.

The neighbourhood is most famous for the Albert Cuypmarkt, the largest daily market in Europe. There are 260 stalls selling traditional Dutch food (cheese, stroopwafels, poffertjes, bitterballen, etc), flowers, souvenirs, antiques, clothes and more. Situated just a few steps from the Museumplein, where all the major museums in Amsterdam are, the market is definitely something you should visit when travelling to the capital of The Netherlands.

On our last trip to Amsterdam, we met the beautiful Rachel Meibergen, aka Gringa Brasileira. She is such a sweetheart! We started following her YouTube channel a while ago, but after meeting her in person we became even greater fans. We recorded a video showing the Albert Cuypmarket and interviewing Rachel, who has been living in Amsterdam for more than 20 years. The video is in Portuguese, though…

Taking the opportunity, let’s talk a little bit about Dutch food? The Albert Cuypmarkt is the perfect place to try all the most traditional stuff.

The most famous (and delicious!) Dutch food is the stroopwafel, a super thin waffle filled with caramel. You can buy it in souvenir shops, supermarkets and even at the airport, but the best ones are the freshly made, served warm. So yummy!

If you like sweets you will also love the poffertjes, these tiny pancakes traditionally served with butter and icing sugar. You can also add different toppings to it, such as Nutella and strawberries.

However, if you are not a sweet tooth, go for the bitterballen, or Dutch beef croquettes. They are served really hot, so be careful!

One of the most typical foods is the raw herring, which I know many people hate. It’s very fishy and normally served with freshly cut onions and pickes, so if you’re not into seafood don’t even try it!

After visiting the market, we headed to one of the restaurants that Rachel’s fiancé owes, called Café Martinot, also located in De Pijp. We ordered this delicious salted caramel milkshake, served with mini stroopwafels and popcorn. Totally worth the calories!

We had such a great time! Thanks, Rachel, for being so nice to us! It was a pleasure meeting you!


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